Touchgrind BMX 2 App Reviews

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Best bike game ever

You have good graphics and I like the costable bike

Fun game

I like the game it’s fun


Challenges are too hard for such small jumps but overall I love it

So much fun

Been waiting for a long time for this much needed game to come out and do far it’s not disappointing

I want my map i perchaseed

I bought the grizzly trail map and didn't get it but it charged me ten dollars insted of three please fix that


It a fun game, but it would be better if they added open world map to it.

Fun game. But...

It has the potential to be a really good game but it’s a little pay to win. If they make it easer to get the third map and let you play more rival games then I would play it more.

Best game for bmx

I looooove this game but I wish they would lower the level for unlocking the devils leap

Overall good game...but flawed.

Aside from you not being able to earn more than three maps via challenge completion, which is a very big turnoff for a lot of people, the sound isn't working properly on my device. It seems that most who download the app experience some sort of malfunction wether it be the sound,(such as in my instance) the pause menu, replay menu, etc.. When you opt to omit the map overlay in replay mode you should not have to continue to view the overlay/slowmo/followcam banner. Additionally, you should not have to earn the ability to choose between a bike/scooter and should not have to work so hard to complete challenges. There should be challenge tiers that award different abilities or new parts dependent on tiers. Low tier challenge completions should grant new levels, just as higher tiers would grant new trick unlockables and gear. The only other thing and this is very crucial so please pay attention...There is no description anywhere on any menu nor online forum that discusses how to maneuver double front/backflips and 720's. I may be mistaken, but I've noticed that it seems you can only do them on specific jumps. You should have the opportunity to attempt them on any jump and be given the ability to land them so long as you hold the placement of your fingers in the designated position for however long specifically. This may be a lot to take in collectively, but fix these bugs or at least make a third game with all of these things catered to and I assure you that I, and many others will gladly download the game, if even for two or three dollars. Its worth it. The game itself is phenomenal, it could easily be an ideal game on any platform/console. But under these conditions respectively. I give you three stars until these problems are fixed. But with that being said, well done guys. Great idea for a game and great work so far. Love it.

Lo mejor

Uno de los juegos mejores hechos divertidos y entretenidos en toda la App Store.

I wish there was a free play

I love everything the concept and physics but I wish u could make a free play mode

Fun but ...

Micro transactions are a bit steep, and the grind (no pun intended) for levelling is a little to challenging. That said the core game underneath is very fun.




The in app purchases make this game feel really bad and makes it a bad game

Great game

Very well made game super addictive😁

Impossible to get the free map

It‘s nearly impossible to get the additional free map so don‘t even try if you don‘t want to buy.

Great app



If you look on devils leap Malci, it took a lot of months but I have the highest score on the entire game at 25 mil, keep up the amazing work!


Honestly I don’t like this game because I think that first game was better :)

Do they even want us to play?

Only three maps playable without paying a fortune and a 5 duel limit per day without paying a fortune. I burned that up in 3 minutes. So I think what they’re trying to tell us is If you like our game, we’re not gonna let you play it.

Garbage game

Screw whoever made this pile of garbage. it’s so trash and doesn’t deserve to be on the apple store. it’s so bad and stupid I would rate 0 if I could

Bugs but great game

I think this a great game except for how you have to pay for most of the maps, but the point in trying to make is that there is a bug on the third map where you fall through he floor no matter how many times you restart and that makes me have to refresh the entire app and that sometimes doesn’t fix the problem so plz fix.

Love the game

The game been having challenges are hard but thats dope. They should try to develop something like this for a console, ps4 xbox1 pc would be awesome. Just bought all the extra maps except east coast.


I love bmx irl so I love this game Virtually

i love this game but...

i like this game, but what bugs me is there is no freeplay mode, only levels. if it had that, i would be totally addicted

Excellent game with good graphics, but needs to fix one thing.

This game is one of FAVORITE offline game because it has AMAZING Graphics and is Extremely fun. But one problem that constantly pops up in my game. Its when I press pause and can not press resume. It DOESNT let me click the resume button! Like the music is still playing and I can press the “home” and the “how to” button but other than that I cant press the resume button! And whenever I restart the app it take a looong time for the loading screen to load and for me to even get to the map! Please fix this. BTW I love the game in general. Other then that its the best game ive ever played.


It won’t work when I land but then it just crashes 🤬

The best game

It is so good to play when you are piping

Bad... Just Bad

I try spinning and it doesn’t move at all and graphics are like square pieces of glass: Just big

It’s ight

Great game in all, but no where as near as good as the first one, the graphics seem a little bit scratchy, but a great free game.

Open the game on accident

I opened the game on accident and try to go back to the home screen but instead I took my thumb print and purchased tracks that I didn’t want to buy. Why is it when you start the game it puts you on tracks that you have to buy, I didn’t want to spend $8.00, I just wanted to go back to the home screen :(

Super addicting but SO MUCH FUN!

the game is all out amazing but their should be a way to buy stuff with not real money like for new tires...or new places with not real money

Only buy if you have money impossible to get level 3

Great game but I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to do 9 tailwhips in 7 seconds. It’s impossible to open the 3rd track I’ve played for hours and I average 4 million points a run twice the gold metal. Really disappointed. This game has potential but I’m over wasting my time on something you can’t beat. All in all the game is lame!


Every once in a while I go out to the Pacific Ocean and let a grown blue whale bust a load in my butt🤤🤤🤤

Good game

So good I love


Takes your money and I can’t get it back


This would be a five star rating the game play great and feels awesome but you only have 3 Maps and all the other maps you have to pay for


I can’t put into words how better this game would be if it gave you more than two courses to play and level up on for free. I don’t count the one unlocked at level seven because in spite of the months that I have had this game I still have not unlocked it. The unlockables go something like from level 1 to level 3 to level 7, which is ridiculous. A little something along the way that isn’t just some dumb new hand rail would be a great motivator (like a new level). Until changes come this app is more of a cash grab than an actual game. 😒


This game is good

This game is cool

This game is so addictive and you should try it. Don’t wait go to the AppStore and download now.

Pay to play.

Pay to play game, it’s was fun while the demo lasted tho.


I’ve never seen a more money hungry app!! In my life!!


Gotta pay for all of the maps lame

Fun game, way too expensive.

$2.99 for a new level? Y’all must be insane.

Pay to play

Too expensive, and you only get three maps for free no way to unlock them either it’s too pricey $3 a map

GREAT GAME But I have some suggestions

1. U can not ride your bike backwards 2. Sometimes when u try to do a barspin of any type it will make u do a tail whip 3. How come the crates cost money I don’t want to spend time asking my mom can she buy this 4 she always says no to in game purchases 4. How come come u can’t wall ride. THIS GAME IS GREAT But do all of these things and I will give it a five star

Game is awesome

This game is so fun to play

Good game

Enjoy playing this bmx better than the rest

Rad rad game

This game is really fun and the tracks are rad rad, the only thing that I hope you would change is that there would be more free tracks.

New trick

Can you please add a fakie or liek a half cab

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